My name is Try Ajitiono. I do frontend engineering and creating bugs on daily basis, mostly around React. I was once a semi-professional Dota 2 gamer (I competed mostly online, though), hence I love video games. Also, bunnies 🐰.

Behind "peepohappy"

In Twitch.tv, there are a lot of emote types. They are global emotes, channel emotes, and custom emotes. Custom emotes are created by users and extendable through BetterTTV or FrankerFaceZ.

I have a lot of favorite emotes, such as WutFace, KEKWait, OMEGALUL, and SMOrc. However, widepeepoHappy tops them all. It almost always makes me smile seeing that emote appear in Twitch Chat. In addition, deeper inside me, I want to be a happy person. Therefore, I dedicate the name of this site to "peepohappy", because widepeepohappy would be too long for a name.


The purpose of this site is mainly to share. Currently, the content revolves around my posts, but in the future, this may change. Sometimes, my posts may have this rant vibes, however, I will try to make them as civil as possible. If you want to consume the less "civilized" version, perhaps you might want to visit my Twitter account instead.